Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Smoky Quartz: Ancient Psychic Shield

Smoky quartz or smokey quartz (SiO 2) can vary in color from a brown to a blacker variety of quartz crystal, and is most commonly found in Scotland, Africa, Colorado, Brazil and Switzerland. To the ancient Celts smoky quartz was a 'sacred' stone. Across the ages from ancient China to the Romans, from Sumeria to the Egyptians this creamy dark brown gemstone was revered by the ancient world, perhaps due to its rarity.

Smoky quartz carvings offer some of the oldest examples of carved figures to have been found at Archeological sites, in the form of figures, for jewelry or as beads, and this variety of crystal has also been found carved in the form of early Mayan skulls.

Image: LilicCastingLab
Even more unusual is the discovery of Paleo Indian blades and Clovis Points expertly knapped from smoky quartz, potentially dating the workmanship to 14,000 years ago, at least. As smoky quartz does not fracture into flakes with the ease of stones such as obsidian or flint, it is very difficult to form quartz into blades or arrowheads.

Early Native American tribes would use wands topped with smoky quartz. The Picts and later the Celts inhabiting the Northern Highlands of Scotland were known to have mined the crystals from the Cairngorm Mountains and used the stones in brooches or as an addition to the Sgian Dubh.

Smoky quartz is a silicon dioxide crystal, often found in areas containing other forms of quartz such as amethyst. The hues vary from brownish to darker, almost black. These stones have from ancient times been associated with protection, and were also considered to be a psychic enhancing stone. As the use of a psychic-shield and protection from entities or astral energy parasites is essential to seeing with the Third-Eye, it is not surprising that this stone would be associated with protection as well as enhancement of seeing skills. The two go together.

Since the beginning human beings of all art, shape and form have been digging in the earth, picking up shells, reshaping rocks, building shelters and have a desire to find and collect beautiful stones and crystals. Archeologists uncovering the Beeton Rock Shelter (Australia), discovered fossil shell artefacts that had been worked on and retouched by early human inhabitants, potentially from around 18,000 years ago. They also discovered quartz artefacts, including high grade clear and smoky quartz crystal flakes and cores.

It is clear that we share our fascination for stones, shells and crystals with our earliest ancestors. That fact alone bridges the mysteries of time and space. Crystals are the essential bones of the Earth, giving structure, transmitting energy. Geologists today consider the vast amount of quartz buried in the folds of the continental plates literally hold up the mountains. The Alps, also rich in smoky quartz, sit on a core structure of quartz, the second most abundant mineral within the Earth's continental crust.

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Note: It is never a good idea to take knowledge of stones and crystals from an outside source. The wisdom of the ancients came from a direct working relationship with the crystal beings or with the stone beings, as though interacting with an Earth intelligence operating system. In truth, the information each of us seeks can only come from the source. If a crystal or a stone will not share information, then reading what others have written will not change the person seeking knowledge. Crystals are not loaded with information waiting to be unloaded into the mind. Crystals are mirrors that connect the individual with themselves, and this is why they are such powerful tools. They do not give you anything other than what you give yourself. They do not show you anything other than what you show to yourself. That is the beauty of working with crystals. - Crystal Light-Seeds