Friday, April 11, 2014

Citrine: The Purifier

Citrine crystal can vary from pale translucent golden hue to fiery orange-yellow. These stones can take on the many colors of the sun, and appear to bring those colors with them to Earth. For the Celts across Europe, and also for the Greeks, citrine was the crystallized embodiment of sunlight. Across the ancient world citrine was known as the stone of success, the merchant's stone. Because of its golden hue and its rarity, citrine was probably closely associated with gold and was said to attract 'wealth'.

Due to its purity and powerful esoteric cleansing effect, the attracted wealth could also be translated as: good fortune, health and being free of fear and negativity. The Celts and later the Scots wore citrine as a talisman, one which also protected the wearer against bad thoughts. Citrine was widely associated with the heart and purity of heart, cleansing and bestowing balance and self-confidence.

Citrine varies from a rich red brown to a pale translucent yellow, and is associated with mental clarity, self-confidence, oriented to abundance of creativity, energizing and finding solutions. It can be found as crystals, stones and as geodes. The crystals usually form with amethysts. In its natural state small amounts of iron give the crystals their pale yellow or orange color.

Natural citrine is rare and is considered by many as the most valuable quartz gem. Its crystal form is hexagonal, and commonly appears as a cluster of pyramids growing from a geode base. Most commonly from Brazil, citrine is also found in the Ural Mountains of Russia, Dauphine - France and Madagascar.

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Note: It is never a good idea to take knowledge of stones and crystals from an outside source. The wisdom of the ancients came from a direct working relationship with the crystal beings or with the stone beings, as though interacting with an Earth intelligence operating system. In truth, the information each of us seeks can only come from the source. If a crystal or a stone will not share information, then reading what others have written will not change the person seeking knowledge. Crystals are not loaded with information waiting to be unloaded into the mind. Crystals are mirrors that connect the individual with themselves, and this is why they are such powerful tools. They do not give you anything other than what you give yourself. They do not show you anything other than what you show to yourself. That is the beauty of working with crystals. - Crystal Light-Seeds