Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Rose Quartz: Bridge Across Time

Pale, milky and translucent .. rose quartz has been valued by people and cultures across the ages. Many associate this stone with 'love', due to its beautiful, fragile pink color. In ancient Egypt rose quartz granite (obtained from Aswan, Upper Egypt) were carved out. In 1883, Sir William Flinders is said to have found nearly impossible examples of ancient stone-cutting skills. Soft, brittle materials, such as rose quartz were carved and polished to within cardboard thickness without cracking or flaking.

The Egyptians associates rose quartz with youthfulness and preventing aging - apparently having been used to guard tombs. One of the so-called Mayan crystal skulls has been carved out of rose quartz. A very ancient artifact (Aterian point 2 inches long), from 33,000 to 28,00 years ago and knapped from translucent rose quartz was found in the western Sahara.

Natural rose quartz crystals are extremely rare. The stone is associated with compassion, healing and artistic creativity .. signifying 'universal love'. Due to the unique nature of this type of quartz, its color and its rarity in crystal form, rose quartz has a mysterious powerful mystical side to its vibration.

A 'bridge across time': Rose quartz is as elusive in nature as 'time travel', and having worked extensively with this stone we can add new information to its undervalued presence. Its powerful healing qualities (hidden within a gentle exterior) are related to the sone's qualities of bridging time.

Rose quartz bridges the fragile expanse of time and space - in this way it heals without any indication how it does so. Its rarity as a natural crystal either means that it grows so deep within the Earth's crust that we cannot find it, or rose quartz is a rare and timeless phenomenon. Its color is here, but its true presence is somewhere else.

Rose quartz usually occurs in its massive state or can be found as crystals growing out of the base of smoky quartz. Rose quartz is a silicate and is made of one part silica and two parts oxygen. Its unique color is due to metals within the crystal, which most attribute to trace amounts of titanium. This crystal has a conchoidal fracture and so does not break in a specific pattern but, breaks like glass with curved surfaces.

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Note: It is never a good idea to take knowledge of stones and crystals from an outside source. The wisdom of the ancients came from a direct working relationship with the crystal beings or with the stone beings, as though interacting with an Earth intelligence operating system. In truth, the information each of us seeks can only come from the source. If a crystal or a stone will not share information, then reading what others have written will not change the person seeking knowledge. Crystals are not loaded with information waiting to be unloaded into the mind. Crystals are mirrors that connect the individual with themselves, and this is why they are such powerful tools. They do not give you anything other than what you give yourself. They do not show you anything other than what you show to yourself. That is the beauty of working with crystals. - Zen of Crystals