Sunday, May 11, 2014

Moldavite: Emeralds From The Sky

Moldavite is found in early Pleistocene deposits in Bohemia and Moravia as an olive-green or dull greenish glass like vitreous substance said to have been formed by a meteorite impact. First thought to be a form of Obsidian, F. E. Suess suggested that moldavite is of cosmic origin which he named, tektite. Moldavite is said to have formed 15 million years ago during the impact of a giant meteorite.

Moldavite is a green silica based tektite that formed during a meteorite impact approximately 15,000,000 years ago. The impact caused molten rock and meteorite to be ejected into the atmosphere where they combined to form a natural glass or tektite. The falling glass shards were atmospherically sculpted into different shapes.

Moldavite can only be found in the Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, and the Republic of Moldova. Venus of Willendorf, carving of an ancient goddess statue, was discovered in a site that contained a few amulets of Moldavite.

High grade moldavite is translucent, with alluring fern like patterns running across its surface. Medium grade moldavite is a darker and duller green fragments where the surface is pitted with shallow dull indentations.

Moldavite should come from a reliable source, as unfortunately due to its rarity and value a way has been found to produce fake moldavite glass. Producers of fake moldavite are said to make molds from real moldavite and produce resin/glass copies.

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Note: It is never a good idea to take knowledge of stones and crystals from an outside source. The wisdom of the ancients came from a direct working relationship with the crystal beings or with the stone beings, as though interacting with an Earth intelligence operating system. In truth, the information each of us seeks can only come from the source. If a crystal or a stone will not share information, then reading what others have written will not change the person seeking knowledge. Crystals are not loaded with information waiting to be unloaded into the mind. Crystals are mirrors that connect the individual with themselves, and this is why they are such powerful tools. They do not give you anything other than what you give yourself. They do not show you anything other than what you show to yourself. That is the beauty of working with crystals. - Crystal Light-Seeds