Thursday, May 1, 2014

Quartz Crystal Skulls

Probably the most famous of all the crystal skulls is the Mitchell-Hedges skull, known for its refined and stunning beauty. Even more unlikely and mysterious is the fact that the Michaell-Hedges skull has a removable jaw, carved from the same piece of crystal. Legend has it that the Mayan's did not create this skull, but that it was given to them by an advanced race of beings.

Over the centuries crystal skulls of various shapes and forms have been associated with magic, with secrets, death and darkness .. they are often symbols of the mis-use of power and a sign for fear. Not really a 'light-hearted' topic for a collector of stones, minerals and crystals.

Much scientific research has been done on the Mayan skulls. The Mitchell-Hedges skull, the Mayan skull and the Amethyst skull were all cut against the natural axis of the crystal. A cutting technique that means the stone or crystal is likely to fracture and break under the stress. Beyond the scientific analysis there is something fascinating about carving stones or crystals into the shape of a skull.

The physical attributes of the human skull has its own resonant geometry. That bones grow in this cavernous shape to house a brain through which the life form can navigate and function on this physical world.

These ancient skulls are creative crystal templates of the human skull. Humans would not exist without a skull, essentially a sign of life rather than as a sign of death. The skull represents both life and death as one. The human face, in all its beauty, is formed by the skull.

The human being walks around through his or her entire life with a living skull, and yet most people are afraid of the symbol. If the skull did not contain life then the human being would not exist. In many ways the crystal skulls capture the mystery of biological innovation.

At the very end of life, through ages past, bones from the human skeleton and skulls are often the only clues to our ancestors existence over thousands and tens of thousands of years. Bones can leave evidence revealing the tides of change that have affected us across the ages, also pointing to life. In this sense, crystal skulls portray an even greater mystery as to our origins, our development and our potential future(s).

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Note: It is never a good idea to take knowledge of stones and crystals from an outside source. The wisdom of the ancients came from a direct working relationship with the crystal beings or with the stone beings, as though interacting with an Earth intelligence operating system. In truth, the information each of us seeks can only come from the source. If a crystal or a stone will not share information, then reading what others have written will not change the person seeking knowledge. Crystals are not loaded with information waiting to be unloaded into the mind. Crystals are mirrors that connect the individual with themselves, and this is why they are such powerful tools. They do not give you anything other than what you give yourself. They do not show you anything other than what you show to yourself. That is the beauty of working with crystals. - Crystal Light-Seeds